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Luigi’s D’Italia opened in central Anaheim in 1981 on the NW corner of Lincoln & East street.

Luigi and his father Dominic set off on a journey to serve the best Italian food in Southern California as well as create a place their family could call home.

In 1992 the family moved the restaurant to it’s current location. 21 years later we are still here! Our family members strive to give you and your family the best Italian dining experience possible!

When Dominic retired to Italy in 1999 Luigi’s brother Antonio, who had worked at the restaurant from start, stepped in to fill the void his father left.

Today the two brothers and their familes are still keeping the family tradition alive working side by side.

As Dominic says ‘It’s a too good...’ We agree! It is to good!

Brothers Tony & Luigi



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Favorite Meal:.

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